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Our lives were rocked when we attended Harvest School of missions in Pemba, Mozambique with Iris Global. We attended as students in 2012 and loved it so much we went back to help staff and lead the school. (Check out interview below for full story)

We were so inspired and moved by this missions movement that we felt the Lord leading us to buy a house in St. Louis, MO and live out all that we learned in Africa. 

At this time we are pioneering, plowing and still building our team! We learned a few phrases while in Africa, “Stop for the One” and ‘Love looks like something.” These small powerful phrases are shaping our ministry as we live out mission in practical ways! To “Stop for the one” is to open your eyes and see who is in front of you! A co-worker, neighbor, homeless person…Anyone! When you “Stop” ask Jesus, What does love look like to this person? These two phrases create a mind set that changes hearts, lives and nations!  


We hope our journey to love the one in front of us, no matter the cost, will encourage you to do the same.  By no means have we arrived or figured it all out  but we continue to step out. We have days with awesome stories and then we have days of being faithful.  

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Kurt & Brooke Wilson

Co-Founders of Freedom Rising Global

Base Leaders of IRIS St. Louis


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