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Season 1 Is Complete and We are planning

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It is time to tell a different story about the great city of St. Louis. A city that is strategically placed as the gateway to the west. A city that has in it's very spirit one of pioneering and going places that have never been gone before and doing things that have never been done before.

On Let's Change St. Louis we are going to be a voice to share what God has done, is doing, and will do in the gateway city. We look forward as you join us on this journey of past, present, and future to hear the powerful stories of men and women who aren't only believing for a great change but are being the change all across St. Louis. We hope you with us because St. Louis is changing and we believe you will be inspired to be the change as well!

This is show is excited to be part of the Testimony House Network of programming!

meet the hosts

John is a former problem gambler who found a future and a hope for his life through Christ. After being set free from addiction, God called the New John Simmons back to a historically significant area of revival in the St. Louis area. John -- who founded Testimony House in 2013, has a heart to see the eyes of the world turn back to St. Louis post-Ferguson and hopes to see the long-lasting results of Jesus impacting the area.

John writes a daily blog at newjohnsimmons.com, hosts live streaming programs at testimonyhouse.org and is the author of Finding Faith and God Has a Sentence for Your Life.  He lives in St. Louis with his wife Megan and their two children, Maya and James.

Contact: john@testimonyhouse.org

Kurt is a native of the St. Louis areas and even though he has travelled the nations there is a passion deep within him to see St. Louis and its people be all they are called to be. He has ministered all over the world and lives a life on mission no matter if he is overseas or across the street from his house.  For Kurt this life on a mission is a family affair as his wife Brooke and their two kids serve together wherever they go. Kurt has a unique perspective as a missionary in St. Louis to work across denominational lines and see how God is moving all over St. Louis and it is his passion to share those stories with you. Many years ago God spoke to him and said, "What is divided will be united." It is that simple phrase the keeps him moving forward and focused on being the change in St. Louis. 

Contact: kurtw@irisglobal.org


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